De schoonheid van het verschil

The beauty of the difference

Why men and women are different and the same

€34,90 | ISBN 9789088508448 | E-ISBN 9789088508561 | 368 Pages | Paperback | Martine F. Delfos



In The Beauty of the Difference, Martine Delfos describes the differences and similarities between men and women. She shows how these differences and similarities intertwine like cogwheels. She does not limit herself to listing the differences and similarities, but she describes how male and female are interrelated, and how they have meaning with and for each other, from biological, evolutionary and social elements.

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  1. Introduction: open Sesame!
  2. The origins of differences between the sexes
  3. Where behavior comes from, and the form it takes
  4. Differences between men and women
    I The foundation: care versus competition
  5. Differences between men and women
    II The testosterone hypothesis: on diseases and the self
  6. Differences between men and women
    III The consequences: from manipulation to egocentrism
  7. The anxiety model
  8. Psychosomatic model
  9. Raising children in equivalence
  10. Epilogue
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